Private Studio Personal Training

Need to fit your personal training around your job? We have trained busy City professionals in private studio gyms since 2010 when we realised many people wanted the personal training without the gym membership. These clients are extremely busy individuals, they come in, change, train hard, shower, grab some lunch on the way to the next meeting without having to think about it. Training in a private studio gym gives you this flexibility, especially if you are often out of town. With private studio gym personal training, you’re safe from bumping into your colleagues mid workout, and even if you did, the atmosphere is so relaxed you might find yourself cracking a joke.

What is a private studio and how is it better?

If you haven’t heard of a private studio gym, quite simply it’s an exclusive space where you workout. Sometimes the space is a private room in a gym or sometimes it’s a self-contained facility where you workout with your personal trainers. You might think of it as akin to a private dining room in a restaurant or a small restaurant that you book on an exclusive basis. In addition to the luxury and exclusivity of working out in a private space, there are some additional benefits compared to personal training in a regular gym:

  1. Easier communication with your trainer

Effective communication is essential to the success of a personal training session, but gyms are often a noisy and distracting environment so it can be difficult to hear the instructions of your personal trainer. Private studios can improve communication by eliminating background noise. Also, in a private training space you and your trainer can be as loud as you need to be without disrupting anyone else!

  1. No competition for workout equipment

A fantastic benefit of personal training in a private studio is improved access to workout equipment. For starters, there’s no need to worry about fellow gym members using the equipment you need. In addition, your personal trainer will ensure all the equipment you need is set up in the studio in advance of your session, so you don’t need to break your workout to switch equipment. And fewer breaks means higher intensity!

How does it work?

There are various private studios around the City that charge a fee that is normally paid by your personal trainer. It’s a win-win because the client doesn’t pay for a gym membership and the trainer doesn’t pay a larger fee to a commercial gym.

What to expect

Before the first session, we plan a consultation, which includes filling out a medical questionnaire, finding out what your fitness goals are, where you are now, how we are going to achieve your goals and also get an idea of your current nutrition.

Private Studio Gym personal training is a fantastic way to improve your fitness, while making personal training more accessible and flexible.