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Pre and Post Natal Training

Pre/Post Natal Training Benefits You, both Before and After Your Pregnancy

As soon as a woman learns she’s pregnant, she consciously starts taking precautions such as eating healthy, taking her supplements, going for a walk, shopping for baby clothes, and preparing to welcome your little bundle of joy.

Is that enough or do you think can you do more than that?

Through Activate Plus Pre/post natal Personal Training sessions, you can strengthen your body, preparing it for labour. Here is what our Personal training sessions can do for you:

  • 1. Improves your image
  • 2. Improves balance and proprioception
  • 3. Improves muscle memory, which makes it easier and quicker getting back into shape again
  • 4. Increases endorphins or your body’s “happy” hormones, which especially helps during winter months
  • 5. Improves immune system to benefit you and your baby
  • 6. Controls and manages weight
  • 7. Improves posture and decreases aches and pain
  • 8. Decreases Stress, sleep problems and anxiety
  • 9. Prepares you for childbirth
  • 10. Increases energy levels
  • 11. You feel less sluggish and more like a yummy Mummy
  • 12. Your Child may have a healthier heart

We would love to see you back in our Personal Training Studio and resume your training after you give birth. If you are thinking about enrolling in our post-natal program, please contact us.

We Want Our Mums to Stay Fit and in Shape both Pre and Post Pregnancy!

You can join us after four weeks of giving birth. Our experienced coaches will whip you back in shape and leave people in awe when they you tell them that you have just given birth!

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