online personal training

Online Personal Training is surprisingly fun, even exciting, and a fantastic alternative when gyms are shutdown during the COVID-19 lockdown, or, in fact any other time.

It’s not easy to work out for yourself a structured workout routine. The odd casual jog to the park followed by a few push ups can be ineffective, cause you more harm than good and very boring.

With online Personal Training you have someone pushing and motivating you with a program of exercises specifically designed for your level of fitness. Through a one on one screen session you get encouragement for a whole hour with structured exercises specifically suited to you.

Never be too shy to enquire, nothing ventured nothing gained. A personal trainer will always be more than happy to chat through with you how online Personal Training works.

Here are some facts to consider about online Personal Training.

  • A professional trainer will assess your fitness and health, asking all the necessary questions to access the training program that works for you with your personal fitness goals as the objective.
  • Online Personal Training can simply be a program of stretch exercises to help you relax and de-stress or full on resistance training or a cardio work-out.
    > Online Personal Training is easy to set up with the technology used by you daily on smart phones, tablets and TV screens.
  • Training in the home is not as restrictive as you might imagine. Little space is required and no equipment is necessary, and, with some imagination you can improvise with everyday home objects, for example, as weights.
  • Imagine, there is no travel or travel cost involved and you’ll not be late for a training session!
  • You are guaranteed to have fun, feel invigorated and think positively after training.

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