Patricia Brenner

Mind & Body Coach

Life is short, why waste it on wishing a better version of yourself or your life if you can
actually live that life. Become aware of your thoughts such as ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I’m not
good enough, as well ‘That’s never going to happen’. You’ll become your thoughts and so is
your life. Believe in your full potential and live your dream.

Patricia is a well experienced all round coach, helping people to move into better bodies and
happy minds. Apart from the usual strength and weight loss training she is as well
specialised in rehab (getting back in to shape after injury), training clients with Parkinson’s
disease, hypermobility, diabetes and EDS.

Her training consists of; strength, endurance (HIIT), flexibility and mobility.
Qualifications: Personal Training Level 3, Pilates, Nutrition, Life Coaching and much more.
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You can give her call or message: 07475121912