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Online Personal Training service during Covid-19 lockdown and studio closure

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  • Online Training is fun, knowing that someone is there to motivate you every step of your workout is thrilling and exciting.
  • Training in the Comfort of your own home gives you a sense of satisfaction. You don’t have to travel, familiar surroundings which will give you a sense of confidence.Travelling to the gym takes time. Parking, getting change and finding a locker.
  • No Equipment is required. There is a large catalogue of exercises that are very challenging which require little or no equipment what so ever.
  • Training at home you need very little space.
  • You would never be late for a session because of public transport!
  • Other family members can join which will give inspiration to others to adapt a more healthier lifestyle.
  • Fantastic alternative from going to the gym. With a smart workout program from a Online Personal Trainer you can have a gym session with similar intensity as a gym workout.
  • Having an Online Personal Trainer will bring variety to your fitness routine, new exercises, exercise progression and a breath of fresh air to your day. We provide an individual plan for everyone.

Private studio in the Heart of the City of London

No expensive membership or sign up fees

Personalised Training Program

Fun, Friendly and Professional Trainers

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Why Train With Us?

  • Private studio in the heart of the City of London
  • No expensive membership or signing up fees
  • Flexible training times
  • Personalised training program
  • Fun, friendly and professional trainers

What customers are saying!

Its a great studio. I recently did the 3 Peaks Challenge where you hike up each of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, all in 24 hours. To help me prepare, Niron designed a programme which was fun, varied and really improved both my muscle strength and stamina. I would really recommend Activate Plus Personal Training Studio
Libby Thomas
Training at Activate Plus helps me manage my Stress levels!
Mark, City Banker
Whenever I train at Activate Plus Personal Training Studio, I feel Energetic!
Marilyn, City Lawyer
Had my medical yesterday and my BMI is down, Thanks to the Trainers at Activate Plus Personal Training Studio!
Alan, City Banker (UBS)