Marathon Training

Runners visit our Personal Training Studio to prepare themselves for upcoming marathons they are planning to take part in. Our trained personal trainers take them under their wing, helping them increase their speed and decrease their time with each lap they run on the track.

If you are a beginner who is running a marathon for the first time, you should sign up for our marathon training to help you build stamina and endurance to finish the gold standard distance event.

we work with all levels of runner, wether novice or professional you can enrol in our marathon training sessions.

If you aspire to get back in shape—you know the body you had when you were young marathon training the perfect way to do it.

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One of the biggest benefits associated with marathon training is the mental preparation. It mentally prepares you to run the marathon with each training session, making you stronger and more confident in your ability to cross the finish line. With time, you will discover that you are able to run long distances without huffing and puffing as you did during your first session.

Marathon training increases your muscle strength so when you run, your body relies on slow-twitching muscles. Plus, it makes your heart stronger, which is always good.

Your trainer will challenge you to run long distances so if you are up to the marathon; we encourage you to visit our Personal Training Studio.

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