Project Description


Boxing as a sport has continued for thousands of years. Originally as a bare fist fighting sport,  it first arose in parts of Africa, including Ancient Egypt spreading to Southern Europe. To the  Ancient Greeks fighting was a game played by the Gods of Olympus and was introduced as an Olympic game as early as 687 BC.

Boxing training is a fun and safe way to get fit. It is both refreshing and demanding. No matter how placid people are by nature, most of them still feel great enjoyment from hitting something hard.

Benefits Include

  • Weight loss
  • Increased agility and coordination
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased happy hormones
  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • Improved cardio vascular endurance
  • Provides a means of self defence
  • A great way to de-stress
  • Improved confidence


Is there anything to be cautious of?
Weak wrists but you will be rovided with wraps for extra support and with time you will get stronger.

Will I get hurt?
At Activate Plus there is no contact in Boxing, so any risk is minimal. The only thing getting hit will the the pads of your instructor.

I’ve never boxed in my life does that matter?
No. Your instructor will take as much time as necessary to teach you the technique of boxing. Once you’ve got the technique then your instructor will work on speed and building more complex combinations. Everyone can box an you will get fitter by participation even at the lowest level.

What do I need to bring?
Gloves and wraps are provided but if you prefer to bring your own, that’s fine.
Just bring yourself and be prepared to have a laugh as you get fighting fit.