Jenny has been in the fitness industry since 2006, dedicated to fitness and wellbeing.  She specializes in strength and conditioning and fat loss, using various methods such as kettlebells, weight training and HIIT training.  Whilst also training for mobility and flexibility.

In November 2014, Jenny competed in the International Fitness Competition testing for Strength, Power and Aesthetics.  Having competed and experienced how to get her body in the best shape both aesthetically and physically at a high level, she can impart invaluable advice on how to become stronger, looking and feeling good about your body and being confident.

Her system is not about crash dieting or going on a mad 2 hours cardio session.  Life is too short and it’s definitely for living.  You will be able to sustain a balanced lifestyle whilst training on her system, which involves weight training, HIIT and flexibility/mobility work, along with eating a healthy and well balanced diet with minimal fuss for sustainability.