If you have a sedentary job (a.k.a. a desk job), regular exercise is essential if you want to stay trim and for your physical health but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Physical exercise is also a crucial component of your mental health.

Regular exercise can:

–       Improve your mood and make you feel happier

–       Decrease tensions, stress and mental fatigue

–       Boost your self-esteem

–       Improve the quality of your sleep

–       Boost your ability to concentrate

–       Help to increase your confidence

–       Reduce your anger and frustrations levels

–       Boost your energy levels

In addition to regular exercise it’s also important to try to increase your daily activity at work, for example, you could:

–       Take a brisk walk at lunch

–       Use the stairs between floors rather than the lift or escalators

–       Walk around to talk to colleagues rather than using email or the phone

–       Stand up while you read or make phone calls

–       Adjust your journey to work to include more walking or walk at a faster pace

The most important thing is to build regular exercise into your routine and increase your daily activity in a way you can maintain.  Every step you take will help to increase your happiness and quality of life so get exercising!

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