Now winter is looming it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise but, with 168 hours in the week, spending two or three of them working out is one of the best ways to put you in a sunnier mood.

Each week, the average person spends 63 hours staring at computer screens, 45 hours sleeping, 14 hours on their phones making calls, browsing the internet, texting and listening to music and 4½ hours eating (not including dinners out, cocktail evenings or socialising with friends in bars and clubs).  But given the great benefits that come from being active, surely it’s worth boosting the average time we spend exercising up from the average of 50 minutes a week!

Exercise is great for lifting your mood and relieving stress and its effects last long after you’ve hit the showers.  It aids weight loss, boost cardiovascular fitness and improves general health and more particularly the immune system which needs to be in top form to fight those winter colds and flus.

Motivation can come in many forms – starting a new gym class or exercising with a buddy, thinking of how good you’ve felt after exercising in the past or booking in a couple of extra PT sessions are all ways that can help you to get active.  There are also little changes you can make to your daily routine which will help get you moving – walking up the escalator rather than standing still or even taking the stairs, getting off the bus a stop earlier than usual or taking the long way round to get lunch.

Exercising in the sunshine (when there is some!) can help lift your mood, as it boosts your levels of serotonin, the chemical that makes us happy.  But sunshine or not, whenever you exercise you will get a natural mood boost from the endorphins your body produces.

So get active and beat those winter blues!

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