Core Stability

Do you want to increase your athletic performance and prevent your body from injuries during workout? Join our workout session geared towards strengthening your Core Stability.

From personal trainers to yoga teachers and even Michelle Obama all tout the importance of keeping your core strong.

What is core stability?

Core is everything on your body except for your arms and legs. It’s important that you strengthen your core stability because that’s where power is generated in order to carry out any movement. Core includes hips, glutes, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles scapula and pelvic floor.

Core stability workouts focus on strengthening and toning the core region of your body. Most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles. For example proper stability of the core allows athletes to withstand forces that have the ability to be debilitating. Therefore strong core stability influences your performance.

To develop core strength, you need to build and tone many muscles in the trunk and pelvis, including your back muscles, stomach muscles, butt muscles, chest and upper thigh muscles.

Why you should sign-up for Core Stability training at Activate Plus Personal Training Studio?

Strong core stability helps you to keep your body in equilibrium when you lift weight or perform compound movement, which is essential for preventing injury.

Strong core stability also enables you to perform wide variety of movements, maintain healthy postural alignment, mobility and spinal strength.

Workout that focuses on core stability also helps you achieve strength and size.

Core stability workout routines are fun, but challenging.

The core stability sessions at Activate Plus Personal Training Studio includes a variety of exercises and equipments and roughly lasts for about 45 minutes. It gets your entire core worked out leading to flatter stomach and greater core strength.

Advantage of Core Stability training at Activate Plus Personal Training Studio

1. Challenges your core muscles and improves your overall core strength. It also helps tone the troublesome abs area.

2. Core stability workout targets the muscles in your lower back, abs and hip to improve balance and posture.

3. Develops strength, dynamic muscle control and stability.

4. Heightens body awareness

5. Increases body flexibility.

6. Develops lean muscles mass.

7. Improves mobility and agility.

Do not delay core stability training, but contact us now for more information.