Circuit Training

Circuit Training—Reap Several Benefits in a Few Short Hours at Activate Plus

Circuit training is perfect for the working mom, the busy person, and the student with little time to spare. All you require to lose your weight and maintain fitness is thirty minutes of rigorous circuit training. With circuit training, you will burn more calories and achieve lean muscle mass. Within a few weeks, you will start seeing the difference.

Circuit training is an invaluable tool in our tailored personal training sessions. You will not have to spend hours in the gym anymore to achieve your fitness goal, but with the help from our expert personal trainers, you will have a chiselled and toned physique in no time.

What Results Will You See When You Start Circuit Training?

The frequent traveller and the busy-bee will definitely benefit from our circuit training program, so keep your eye out for the following results:

1. Challenges Your Entire Body

Your personal trainer will take you from one station to another so you workout your entire body, not one specific area.

2. Combines Strength Training with Cardio

You will perform both heavy lifting and intervals of high intensity cardio workout.

3. Achieves Maximum Results in a Short Time

When you do not have time to work out for long hours and you want results fast, you look towards circuit training.

4. Increases Your Metabolism

Once you begin circuit training, your metabolism will never be the same again. You will burn over 20 calories in one session.

Circuit training is a high intensity workout and is perfect for people who need to drop the pounds in a short amount of time. If that is you, you should sign up for our personal training sessions.